“It’s a little known nugget of American history.”
-- Gold Fever and the Bechtler Mint, Film Script

Film Credits

Directed and Edited by

Scott H. Davis

Produced by

Brenda P. Hughes

Written by

Scott H. Davis
Brenda P. Hughes

Narrated by

Mike Urben

Original Music by

Fred Story

Director of Photography

Warren Gentry

Post Production Editor

Peter Olafson

Sound Design by

Anthony Fedele

Location Audio

Kenny Conyers

Location Makeup Artists

E. Scott Thompson
Owen Scott

Content Development

Rob Holliday

Content Consultants

Richard Knapp
Robin Lattimore
Frankie McWhorter
Lloyd Nanney
Lynn Padgett
Harry Watson


Lesley Bush
Bob Coble
Robin Lattimore
Lloyd Nanney
Nat Norwood
Blake Stevenson

Costume Consultant

Deborah Keller

Digital Animation

Lefty Films

Animation Producer

Shawn Lovette

Additional Photography

Mike Burke
Alton Chewning
Rob Van Camp
Roger Christman
David Dalton
Bob Gunter
Gordon Minard
Ben Root
Mark Stroup
George Sturmann

Bechtler Press Photography

Alan Roche

Associate Producer

Erica Starke

Additional Narration

Becky Story


Ian Cameron
Jan Davidson
Martha Owen
Bob Dalsemer
J.D. Robinson
David Linden
Fred Story

Sound Post Production

Concentrix Music and Sound Design

Production Intern

Joshua Luckadoo

Production Business Manager

Melonie Baldwin

Administrative Support

Mildred Alexander
Princess Chase-Wallace
Julie McAllister

Research Archivist

Elisabeth M. Hartjens

Photographic and Footage Archives

National Archives and Records Administration

Courtesy of the North Carolina State Archives

Courtesy of the NC Museum of History

Courtesy of The Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC

Courtesy of the American Numismatic Society

Robin Lattimore Collection

Wikimedia Commons

Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum, Horace Say, artist

Rutherford County Historical Society

Rutherford County

Jane and Alex Bell

William I. Forbes, III

Jerome Holler

Jim Proctor

Historic Carson House, Marion, NC

North Carolina Collection,
University of North Carolina Library at Chapel Hill

Library of Congress Prints and Photographic Division, including:
United States Capitol, Alexander Jackson Davis, Delineator
Collection of Senator Edward F. Burton

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Wilson Special Collections Library, UNC-Chapel Hill

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University of North Carolina at Asheville:
Gold Fields Along the Southern Railway

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University of North Carolina at Asheville and
Shirley Stipp Ephemera Collection:
Harper’s Magazine
Harper’s Weekly, April 20, 1872
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“By-Paths in the Mountains” by Rebecca Harding Davis

Archive and Production Assistance

Kim Anderson Cumber
Eric N. Blevins
Keith Longiotti
Hazel Haynes
Linda Jacobson
Helen Wykle
Margaret Higgins
Andrea Collins
Bruce Daws
Ute Wartenberg Kagan

Special Thanks

Ellen Cantrell
Amanda Cantrell
Norman Jenkins
Betty Jenkins
Carl Classen
Hazel Haynes
Karen Andrews
John McWhorter
Michelle Whitaker
Anna Haynes
Cindy Cook
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Dan Hegeman
Lynn Hegeman
Jackie Wallace
Alvin Kephart
Deputy Sheriff Lynn Hill
Robynn Spence
George Wells
Janete Orr
Charlie Allen
Tom Hughes
225th Anniversary Committee

Shot on Location

Green River Plantation, Rutherfordton, NC
Butlers Jewelry and Loan, Forest City, NC
Thermal City Gold Mine, Union Mills, NC
Rutherford County Court House
Timothy Vogler Gunsmith Shop
Old Salem Museum and Gardens
Property of Jim and Sharon Still
Property of John and Jimi Moore
Property of Stuart Byers and Burwell Byers
Property of Howard and Betty Rhinehardt
Property of Lynn and Tom Padgett
Property of Rhonda Lattimore Davis
Lake Lure, NC
Chimney Rock State Park

Executive Producer

Scott H. Davis

Director of Production

Shannon Vickery

Copyright 2012

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